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Word Wise

Nickel Flash

I’ve ventured into new multimedia software and web-based applications. I added several podcasts to my class website. I created a podcast about Spanish colors, high-frequency words, and words to blend. I also added our first VoiceThread. My students illustrated self-portraits using software called Kidpix. I uploaded them to VoiceThread and the students commented on their photos. I am still in graduate school. I am taking a course called Technology tools for learning. I’ve created an interactive PowerPoint game about adjectives and a flash movie about the Nickel. I look forward to creating more interactive powerpoints and flash movies/animations. Also keep a look out for Podcasts and digital video featuring my students.

Sidenote: Dr. Clif Mims submitted a challenge on his blog. It’s about teaching service/volunteering to our students. I am never afraid to take a challenge, in fact I love a challenge. I am working on creating a recycling/waste management project for my class.