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Nickel Flash

I’ve ventured into new multimedia software and web-based applications. I added several podcasts to my class website. I created a podcast about Spanish colors, high-frequency words, and words to blend. I also added our first VoiceThread. My students illustrated self-portraits using software called Kidpix. I uploaded them to VoiceThread and the students commented on their photos. I am still in graduate school. I am taking a course called Technology tools for learning. I’ve created an interactive PowerPoint game about adjectives and a flash movie about the Nickel. I look forward to creating more interactive powerpoints and flash movies/animations. Also keep a look out for Podcasts and digital video featuring my students.

Sidenote: Dr. Clif Mims submitted a challenge on his blog. It’s about teaching service/volunteering to our students. I am never afraid to take a challenge, in fact I love a challenge. I am working on creating a recycling/waste management project for my class.


I am so excited about developing my PLE. I recently began taking courses in Instructional Design and Technology this summer. I took a class about integrating technology with teaching and learning. Right now I am enrolled in two classes. One class is about PowerPoint and Multimedia Presentations and the other class is about Teaching and learning with Web 2.0. I have been apart of Web 2.0 for some time but I just learned about the term last month. Since that time I have joined Twitter, Ustream, WordPress, WetPaint, GoogleDocs, Zoho, PBwikis, Wikispaces, Several Ning networks, Diigo,, Skype, and probably some more that I cannot think of right now.

I am looking around for people who share my interests as far as education and technology are concerned. I am especially interested in educators in the early childhood/kindergarten field.

I am also currently working on two separate assignments.

  • I am working on designing a nonlinear PowerPoint that serves as a lesson or teaching tool. That will be pretty easy. I am going to look through my county’s kindergarten curriculum guide and select a subject. Before I create my presentation, I will continue researching the purpose and resoning behind nonlinear PowerPoints. I will also look at examples online. I have four days to complete this so I will finish it after the other assignment.
  • I am also working on completing a module on my class Wiki about Teaching with Technology. It is fairly extensive and has several components. I am working with three classmates. It is due tomorrow night.

Teaching with technology – Donna Jennifer Angela – DUE before class on 7/22/08

  1. Those who cannot claim computers as their own tool for exploring the world never grasp the power of technology…They are controlled by technology as adults–just as drill-and-practice routines controlled them as students.
    Source: Toward Digital Equity: Bridging the Divide in Education
  3. instructional design, models, frameworks
    1. TPCK
    2. , ASSURE, NTeQ, etc
    3. Refer to Mims’ book chapters
    7. Big6 ShariDUE before class on 7/22/08
  4. Bloom’s digital taxonomy – Corey DUE before class on 7/22/08
  5. DLSI?
  6. Assessing digital work – Donna
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    2. See the Assessment tag in Clif’s Diigo bookmarks
    3. Dy/Dan’s blog frequently has assessment-related resources
  7. What else? …

This class is interesting and informative but it is tough! Wish me luck, please.