This is a continuation of my reflections from my Instructional Design and Technology journey.

I am new to this field but not new to technology or even Web 2.0. I am, however, a life-long learner who enjoys the acquisition of knowledge.

First news, I got a B in my online class, Authoring Instructional Courseware. Yay! I was a little sad because I am typically an A student. I believe that I would have earned an A if this were my only class. Oh well. The number one thing I take from that class is non-linear instruction/learning. I made my first PowerPoint game and now I do not know how or why I’d never used that format. Learning does not always take place in a sequential or linear fashion.

***Now to my new fave class, Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0

Over the past few weeks, I have been introduced to oodles of information and hundreds of sites. I have spoken and listened to fabulous well-known speakers on various subjects. Kristin Hokanson, Micheal Barbour, Tom Barrett, Trevor Acy, Stephanie Sandifer, Mrs. Durff (luv her so much!!!).

Some of the sites that have really peeked my interest are Ning, Twitter,, diigo,, WordPress, Skitch, Voicethread, Odeo, Scrapblog, Slideshare, Zoho, GoogleDocs, Jott, and Thinkfree.

I have either frequented these sites and become a member or I plan on really exploring them.

I have also really attached myself to the following Web 2.0 tools:
blogs, microblogs, social bookmarking sites, online presentations, and social networks

I like blogging because it is a form of journaling. I have always enjoyed expressing myself with the written word. I like the Web 2.0 aspect of sharing your “news”, linking to other blogs and sites, comments, and trackback. I am definitely adding the trackback feature to this blog. I read on Dr. Mims’ wiki about blogging ettiquette, safety and just making a better blog. I will definitely implement many of the steps mentioned. One example is using pingomatic to advertise my updates.

Twitter has become an important part of my PLN. I get valuable and sometimes purely entertaining information from people from all over the world. I also have the opportunity to share my knowledge, experiences, and various tidbits to them.

Social Bookmarking
Diigo grows on me more and more each day. I love to highlight words, sentences and paragraphs on sites. I love placing sticky notes to myself, friends, and group members. I love having an online storage room for my bookmarks. I love being able to connect with new people who share my interests. I started a Kindergarten group and I am in the process of getting my school board’s early childhood specialist to add the link to our kindergarten resource page. is still cool. It has it’s good points. I like the simplicity. Diigo can be overwhelming especially to newcomers. I also like the links for you function. I learned about it from this cool screencast Networking with

Presentations 2.0
I thoroughly enjoy presentations 2.0. Making presentations online, finding and sharing them. No need to buy an application!! I also like the comments features because you can get immediate feedback. I see myself using these applications more than any other with my students.

Social Networking
I really like Ning right now. I joined two education networks. I can post and read forums. I can send messages and read blogs. It is a great resource for ideas.