I tackled Diigo some more. I love highlighting and adding sticky notes! One problem–I didn’t realize that it adds the page as a bookmark. I think you should only get a message reminding you or there should be a link on your dashboard that lists your highlighted pages/sticky notes. I also completed a table of contents on our class wiki.

I also added the Creative Commons License logo to each of our modules. I hope it’s ok.

As the beginning of the new school year looms over my head, I still wonder how can we get around the massive filters and firewalls in order to include web 2.0 in our classrooms? Must we settle for desktop software applications? Of course, it is not the same. I read through my classmates’ module about virtual reality in the classroom. I found it very interesting. I particularly liked Whyville, Webkinz, and Club Penguin. I saw many ways that I can use virtual reality to teach and for students to learn.

I am looking forward to our special guest speaker, Tom Barrett. I am very curious about his project that involved the game Myst.

I am so sad that we are approaching the end of class. I am not sure if I will ever experience anything like it again. What an awesome round table we have!! The class continues to open and stretch my mind.

And now here are some more questions***
How do we prove a site is worthy to unfilter?
Should/must we (educators) send an approval request for each site we encounter that really should not have been blocked in the first place?
Who are on these committees that decide which sites to filter or block?
How can we get administrators to include more teachers (who believe in and utilize effective technology integration) and edtechies in decision making?