In class, Tuesday, we reviewed the wiki module for Teaching with Technology. I worked with three other students on this module. After speaking with the class, reading the class chatroom remarks, and listening to our speaker, I am more confident in my stance on teaching with technology. I believe now more than ever that effective integration and exposure to technology is crucial for all learners. The world is changing. The way people communicate, share, do, learn is changing. Nowadays people can do almost anything online. I definitely believe that I had already used technology in my class but after reading and rereading about TPACK, I wonder if it was always integration or especially effective integration.

Some very interesting questions were brought to my mind.

Does my generation use technology differently?

How does the experience with technology affect the way my generation views technology, learning, and social interaction?

Is my generation more disconnected than its predecessors?

Can you multitask and still produce stellar products?

How does multitasking affect quality of work?

I am still on the fence with some of my answers to these questions but they will resonate with me for awhile.

Next, I will discuss Web 2.0, Internet Safety, and Balancing Real-world and online identities.