I went to the school for a workshop last Thursday. It was about classroom management. It was presented by Susan Lockhart at our school. It was from 8am-4pm. I enjoyed it and I learned a lot of strategies and techniques that I can use for classroom management. Susan is so cool and down-to-earth. We found out that she and I have a great deal in common. We are both PKs (preacher’s kids) and both of our fathers fought in the U.S. army. I am going to email her and hopefully we can remain contacts. Hopefully, I can get her to contribute to my Wikiand even “convert” to the twitterverse.

Grad School “It’s what you make it.” Dr. Clif Mims

I am saying that half truthfully/half sarcastically. He wasn’t talking about grad school when he made that statement but I am coming to that line of thinking about grad school. I have had one of the worst weeks of my life. I had a car wreck, my power went out, I got a low grade on an assignment. I was just low.

I will refresh my new readers (ha). I am currently enrolled in the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT for short and many people call it edTech) M.S.ed program at the University of Memphis. I started this June. I took Computers, Technology, and Learning with Dr. Mims. I learned about various ways to use technology and the internet to teach and enhance learning. I learned about using NTeQ, Kidspiration/Inspiration (Concept Mapping), Word Processing, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Online Artwork, Webcomics, and Online slideshows. I enjoyed his class and learned so much!

Right now, I am taking two classes this summer (phew!) One class is completely online. The other is sometimes on campus and sometimes online.

Authoring Instructional Courseware-

This class is about developing and implementing instructional design products appropriate to the learning environment in which the computer-based instructional product will be implemented. We also develop computer-based multimedia instructional products using desktop or web-based programs and interactive media appropriate to the tasks. At the end of this course, I should develop educational leadership skills like decision-making due to the process involved in courseware development.

We must create a linear and non-linear PowerPoint, slidecast, virtual tour, and a online photo slideshow that we can use for instructional purposes.

Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0

This class introduces and extends the learner’s knowledge and experience with Web 2.0. It about developing a personal learning community (PLC) and using Web 2.0 tools/websites to teach and learn. We have a class wiki. We journal, create/edit pages on the wiki and do a lot of telecollaboration.

Here are links to my modules. Microblogging, Social Networking, Teaching and Learning with Technology (I did NTeQ and Assessing Digital Work).

I love this class but it is extensive! OMG, I think I worked for 8 hrs straight on an assignment in this class before. Thank God for Twitter. I was so defeated, stressed and overwhelmed one day. I tweeted about it and within minutes people I didn’t even know were sending me positive and uplifting messages. I felt a lot better.

I like learning about the different technologies. I am loving RSS right now. I can pick and choose what I want to pay attention to on a blog or newspage. I also like that you don’t have to go to the page and login. The information comes to you. I also like jott and twitter. I like jott because you can record messages on your phone/computer and send them to whoever (including yourself). The messages can be an email or a phone message. Jott even transcribes what you say (I learned very quickly to use my best grammar and speak clearly lol). I am slowly but surely getting people that I know (especially educators) hooked on twitter. hahaha. My plan is working. j/k. It’s all a part of connecting.

Oh I want to share a few cool things that I have stumbled upon these past few days.

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